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Tuesday, November 22nd, 2022 10:19 PM

Entry sensor not close enough

I have a folding door and due to a custom screen, I can only put the entry sensor and magnet so close together.  They just barely don't work and they are not "detecting" each other.  Is there a more powerful entry sensor or would maybe a larger magnet work?




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2 years ago

@smcrawford10  On several occasions over the past 10 years to find a solution to an issue I have called SS support and have sent scanned floor plan of my house with location of sensors, doors and windows to pictures of rooms, doors etc. In every instance by working with a support agent, a solution has been found.  I do suggest you call SS, advise you want to send a picutre of the entry sensor and where its installed currently, email it and then get a call back with suggestions.

For Simplisafe: Online chat has been a great, recent tool for support, but the ability to have a video support call in the phone app would greatly benefit customer and your associates alike.  Would make a nice holiday present to implement by New Years Eve....2022 to be specific. :-)

And, now to get my dead horse out again to be flogged...

This would be another great topic for a SS hosted webinar, for customers to participate in live, asking questions on unique or odd installations of sensors and have SS experts available to answer.

End of commerical, now back to our regular scheduled posts.....


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2 years ago

Hi @smcrawford10 ,

Unfortunately we do only have the one model of Entry Sensor. It is possible that a more powerful magnet can work - but then you'd have to figure out how far open the door needs to be for the sensor to register as "open".

As the Captain suggests, if you're comfortable, you can take pictures of that door, so it's easier for us to see what we're working with.

But ultimately, it may make more sense to have a Motion Sensor watch that doorway, rather than the Entry Sensor.

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