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Wednesday, November 1st, 2023 7:25 PM

Be Aware - Features you will NOT have if you don't pay highest price:

Long time SS customer - 3 different homes over the years and also provide SS for my parents.

I learned a lot the past couple weeks about the new professional monitoring plan price structures and features that you will have and lose unless you pay the highest price/level.  

We only have 1 camera at our location. The doorbell.  No integration needs to 3rd party devices or apps. Our needs are simple and do NOT require indoor cameras, "video verification" or long term or unlimited cloud storage of events on video. However, we would like to have the ability for say, short term (24 hrs or 7 days) to be able to download a video event if we decide it's worth saving.  But in order to get ANY video events saved you must subscribe to the highest level plan SS offers. You will get "notifications" of events but no video to look at. Your only video capability will be live through their phone app with no ability to save it at all on your device.  

On my parents system, they have NO video cameras at all.  However, if we choose to put their plan on the "Standard Plan" they will lose the ability to send their children (who don't have the SS app on their phones) any SMS text notifications of activities (alarm is now on/off, a problem with the system).  These SMS will happen if you pay the highest price.  $10 more a month JUST to be able to get SMS notifications.

We children could put the SS app on our phones and log in as my parents in order to get "push" notifications - but that brings up a whole can of OLD worms that customers have been complaining about for years. If we do this, we would have full access to the account, settings, payment info, everything.  There is no way to allow a "user" and not full admin rights with their mobile app.  Even baby monitoring apps out there allow this. It's beyond frustrating SS still does not have this capability. 

It appears from reading the "community" that SS really do not care about what customers have been asking for the past several years. Instead you get canned "working hard on it" replies that never happen. If they reply at all to this it will likely be the same.  One disappointed customer really will make no difference but maybe I can at least shed some light to others without having to make 3 phone calls to CService to know what you sacrifice unless you're willing to pay the most.   

It would be nice - to be able to have something in the middle of ALL the bells and whistles (vs) sacrificing key important features but just get them on a limited basis.  I'm not holding my breath.

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