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Monday, August 7th, 2023 8:05 PM

Change monitoring service plan

This question has been asked before and the answers say you can change the plan via the website or the mobile app. I don't see any way to change with those methods. Is there a way to change the monitoring plan without having to call customer service? 

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7 months ago

Hi @JoeBas, 

You can upgrade your monitoring plan in either the mobile or web app by taking the steps listed in this Help Center article. If you would like to downgrade your monitoring plan, it has to be done on the phone with our Support team. This is to protect your security and ensure that the request to downgrade is in fact being made by you.

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@emily_s​ Thank you :)



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1 month ago

@emily_s​ And have the deluxe, Gucci "Loyalty dept" press you to upgrade a monitoring plan or, worse, talk you out of canceling.  The "required phone call for security" story went out the window with the creation of the "Loyalty Dept" instead of having trained customer service agents do it.  If the caller knows the safeword and then answers a few more questions you want to add, this should be a two-minute call, if that, and done. And a hold of more than a few minutes is not acceptable.  One of the more disappointing events at SS in the past 10 years.


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