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Wednesday, May 25th, 2022 12:43 AM

WiFi Connection Lost during the night

I got a message from my system at about 4am that the WiFi connection was lost. Upon looking at the router, it looks like the router rebooted itself at about that time (maybe an update) and all devices appropriately reattached except for the base station which was noted to be offline... the doorbell camera was appropriately attached to the 2.4Ghz network and working perfectly with video clips and notifications. The base station did not chime when someone pressed the doorbell though. I reached out to SimpliSafe support and they suggested a complicated power cycle which I'll summarize:

1. Remove the power cord from the base station.

2. Once the power cord is removed, unscrew the and remove the bottom cap.

3. Remove a single battery from the bottom of the Base Station. Now that Base Station is disconnected allow it to sit unplugged for a timed one minute.

4. Once that timer has reached zero, go ahead and reconnect the power cord and battery to the Base Station. You do not have to reconnect the screw right away, but if you would like to do so, that is okay. Once both the power cord and battery are in the Base Station, it should light up and say, "Welcome to SimpliSafe."

This seemed a little onerous, particularly since it might have to be repeated at every potential router reboot and I wasn't sure what information would need to be reentered, etc. Using the keypad, it looked like the WiFi password had been "forgotten" so I reentered the network password and now everything is back to normal... the base station is listed as online and I got a WiFi Restored message from the system.

Hopefully this will prevent a useless power cycle for someone else.

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