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Wednesday, August 9th, 2023 10:26 AM

This is a dealbreaker may force me to find another solution for security

This is frustrating. First of all no one wants to be woking up at two in the morning with an announcement wireless interference detected all night long. Secondly, there should be some fix for this whether there is a patch why should I have to change frequencies on all my devices which is probably not possible to fix this annoying issue? I’ll be out of town next week. I’m supposed to have pet sitters and they’re going to have to deal with this? Because I feel like just unplugging the base and throwing it in the basement. This is ridiculous. 

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8 months ago

Hi @RehDogg ,

So sorry to hear that you had a rough night trying to troubleshoot your system.

It sounds like you're already on the right track, but for anyone else reading, it's important to know that the "Wireless Interference Detected" warning is specifically for the connection between your Base Station and the sensors. So we don't need to worry about devices connected to WiFi or cell.

We're looking for devices that communicate on a lower frequency; the most likely culprits being devices like remote controlled garage door openers, wireless weather stations, some baby monitors, or certain types of Smart Switches/Lights. The first thing that we suggest is to shut each culprit down temporarily, methodically eliminating suspects. Then we suggest just moving the Base Station away from the device.

If you continue to have trouble, our Support team can help with further troubleshooting. I might even suggest that we lower the sensitivity of the Wireless Interference detection, so it's less likely to trigger.




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8 months ago

@RehDogg I would call support to troubleshoot, but your post is a bit short on details that, if you would like to add a bit more, possibly someone in the community could assist. First, is this just one night or has it been a consistent issue? Are there any electronics near the base? Have you tried moving the base? A hard reset? Is it on the floor? Have you added any new electornics to the home? Has any of your neighbors? I am sure there are more questions support may ask but really think that should be your first step before throwing the base in the basement.

Please post your outcome here if you do call support and get a chance. Thanks and good luck.

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8 months ago

You cannot change the frequency of the devices. 

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