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Saturday, May 23rd, 2020 2:18 PM

Secret alert?

This is something new on the new system, and I can't find what it does.

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4 years ago

Secret alert has been around at least a couple years (which is as long as I've had SS).

It does just what it says. If you have the interactive plan any sensor set to secret alert will send you a notification regardless if the system is Off, Home, or Away. But, a sensor set to Secret Alert will never trigger the alarm, it will only send you that "secret" notification.



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4 years ago

It will also activate any SS cameras you have for a brief recording.

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4 years ago

For example (not that I do it :)
On a liquor cabinet - if you want to keep track of who is taking a look while you're away - no need to set the alarm off - but, lets you use the SS system to keep track of certain doors,  cabinets, etc..

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4 years ago

"But, a sensor set to Secret Alert will never trigger the alarm, it will only send you that "secret" notification."

Incorrect.  You can pick secret alert for off, then alarm for home and/or away on the SS3.

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Sorry, but it is correct that a sensor set to secret alert will never trigger an alarm.

That said, from your description, sounds like there are some additional configuration settings in SS3 that facilitate a mixed setting of secret alert and alarm. Regardless though, in the mode where you want the alarm to trigger, the setting cannot be secret alert because secret alert will not trigger an alarm.

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1 year ago

How do you clear secret alerts, too many on file.

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4 months ago

Why is there no secret alert option on my app?

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@bennerclan6​ The Secret Alert feature is only available if you're subscribed to either the Self Monitoring with Camera Recordings or Fast Protect™ monitoring plans. If you are not subscribed to one of those plans, Secret Alerts won't be available.

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