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Friday, January 7th, 2022 6:15 PM

Red light on base station won't turn off

I recently had a temperature sensor go off and trigger a monitoring call.  (The alarm was legitimate).  The monitoring call was automated and I pressed "1" to accept that I got the notification. 

The temperature has returned to normal and everything is fine... except that my base station is stuck on the "red light".  How can I clear the light back to normal????

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2 years ago

Update:  Rebooting the base station as described in many of the "blue light" posts worked.  Unplug the base station, unscrew the bottom and remove a battery for 30-seconds.

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Hi tbrookin,


A Base Station Reset would work, of course, because it's a reboot of the whole system. But all you needed to do was to clear the Notification on your Keypad, by pressing the side of the screen where you see the <!>.

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