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Friday, March 31st, 2023 3:12 PM

Entering Passwords on the Keypad

How do I enter lower case letters for the wifi password? Thank you.

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11 months ago

Hi @ffkling ,

It sounds like you're asking about how to enter your WiFi password on the Keypad.

You might already know that the text entry works like T9 texting on old phones; that is, you press a button on the numpad multiple times to get the corresponding letter. For example:

  • To get the letter d, you press [3], twice.
  • To get c, you press [2] four times.

If you pause for a second, the letter you are currently on is typed into the field.

You might also notice that as you press the button, there's a handy guide below that shows you what letter/symbol you are currently on. Just keep pressing the same numpad button until you highlight the one that you want to add. e.g.:

  • For a lowercase g, press [4] twice.
  • For an uppercase H, press [4] six times.

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Why did my base not turn amber but stayed blue

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@pann723​ What action were you performing on your Base Station when you saw its blue light? The Base Station's light will turn amber when it's installing an update; and it will stay blue when your system is armed in Home or Away Mode.

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