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Sunday, January 24th, 2021 4:44 PM

Disarmed at keypad but NO ONE disarmed the alarm!?

I'm sitting at my computer and all the sudden I hear the Simplisafe off from the tower.  I look at my phone at it shows disarmed by keypad master pin!?

NO ONE here (only the hubby and me) disarmed it... PLUS... the alarm was already off and had been off for a few hours because we have been going in and out to the garage.


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3 years ago

Sound like some sort of system lag to me.



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3 years ago

@toastie I would definitely call SS to troubleshoot, especially if its in the timeline log. Please post you outcome here if you get a chance.

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2 years ago

Did you ever figure out what caused this?  I had this happen to me twice today (along with 2 false fire alarms).

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2 years ago

Experienced that as well.  All of this started happening shortly after the 4g cellular board update along with a SHLODE of other problems.  Not sure what the H3ll is going on but it's getting to the point of stupid.

So far NO ONE has been able to explain any of the problems or provide a fix for the issues.

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2 years ago

Getting this same experience after replacing the wireless module w new 4G module.  Following thread. 

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@collinfreeman​ could it be possible that you were still in the Keypad Menu, and did not exit? After a while, the Keypad will return to the main screen, and announce its current state (in this case, "off").

However, if this happens a lot, even without your prompting, I suggest giving our Support team a call at 800-548-9508. We'll need to investigate further.

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1 year ago

Same problem here. Worst security company there is. We’ve been having way too many issues.

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