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Thursday, September 29th, 2022 11:04 PM

Simplisafe base station reset

Is there a way to reset the base station remotely? Newest system. After hurricane ion lost power  and battery backup finally died. Not at location to on-site reset. Now can't communicate with base station. 

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1 year ago

@dhespe ,

Accessing the Base Station remotely would use the same connection that seems to be currently down. So unfortunately no, the only way to troubleshoot would be to be at the location. Once the Base Station is powered again, however, it should come back online on its own.


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11 months ago

Have Apple app. Intensity level high medium low for outdoor camera spot light disappeared. 

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11 months ago

Have Apple SimpliSafe safe app. 
high medium low settings for outdoor cameras no longer on the app. 
contacted chat reset phone, removed app. From phone& reinstalled new version on phone. All apple software up to date. Sent chat pictures of the nightlife settings where the spot light intensity settings used to be. 

Chat gave up told me to call in. 
why did it disappear was there a few weeks ago before the last SimpliSafe app update. 
what’s up?

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