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Thursday, September 3rd, 2020 4:11 PM

Can't hear the base station (I am not hard of hearing)

I can not hear my base station which on the first floor in the front of my house from my bedroom which is on the second floor in the rear of my house.  I have the volume at max any suggestions?

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3 years ago

At the risk of being Cpt. Obvious, move the base closer to your bedroom.

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3 years ago

Knock a big hole in the floor so you can hear it better? Might be easier to just move it closer to the bedroom but no too far away from front of house.



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3 years ago

Set up a baby monitor system.  Or if you have the skills, tap into the speaker output and hardwire or set up transmitter to remote speakers.

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3 years ago

Hi all,

For the All-New SimpliSafe System a possible solution for this may be to add an Extra Siren to your system. In addition to the Siren blaring during an alarm, the Extra Siren can also mimic the Door Chimes and Entry/Exit delay beeps that your keypad makes. You can head over to www.simplisafe.com/alarm-sensors to get any additional pieces of equipment for your system.

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3 years ago

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1 year ago

So I'm considering a mod to directly channel the base speaker to a child monitor station and place the monitor in my bedroom. The sirens are anemic for annunciation and there is no voice announcement.  If SimpliSafe had designed this correctly, each remote would be a repeater for the base.


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