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Thursday, July 6th, 2023 1:33 AM

Wi-Fi detection sucks!

I stand next to the camera with my iPhone, and I have two out of three bars of Wi-Fi, and the camera cannot detect the Wi-Fi. And, four out of five attempts, the camera does not detect the QR code for set up. And these are brand new up-to-date replacement cameras. That are behaving just like my two year old cameras that simply safe was kind enough to replace. 



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8 months ago

@exhbrian Need a bit more information here, like what model camera, what kind of wifi setup (Mesh?) etc.  I have six cameras (2 outdoor, 1 Simplicam, 2 LifeGuard and 1 Doorbell pro) and they all work fine.  I have Verizon 5G home broadband, normally about 240 mbps down and 25 up, with Google WIF mesh.

Did you call support for assistance?

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8 months ago

Hi @exhbrian ,

Since we've already replaced your units, I would say (at least for now) that this isn't a hardware issue. Has there been any change in your WiFi setup? For example, did you get a new router, or upgrade to a mesh system? More info can help us narrow down the issue.

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