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Wednesday, October 12th, 2022 9:06 PM

Why no cellular security camera?

Please create a solar powered cellular security camera to integrate with your system - preferably compatible with major companies such as Verizon & AT&T

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2 years ago

Hi @tennisfantum ,

Please consider this as more general info, rather than specific to our tech, or from our engineers. But there are a few major hurdles that make cellular for cameras very difficult to implement.

If you have active Monitoring Service, our Base Stations already do use cell to communicate (Verizon by default), and since those are just simple signal codes, they can get through to the Monitoring Center rapidly. But it's different when you're trying to send video, which is a significantly larger amount of data. The nature of cell communication, sending information through huge distances between towers, means that not everyone is going to get the best reception. Most people would not get the best results.

And of course, the other piece is that cell radios are actually immensely power-intensive. Our current Outdoor Camera's battery, even when set up with Solar Power, would not be able to keep up.

That's not to say that any of this is impossible. Our engineering teams are constantly at work on implementing state-of-the-art tech into our system. When we launch new products - especially cameras - you'll hear about it here on the Community!

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The entire app should be accessible from the mobile app on cellular anyways. Simplisafe nests that the mobile app doesn't work on cellular to trick people into thinking they offer a cellular system, then you find out you can't even disarm it from your phone. Just have alarms blaring all day if you can't answer the phone while at work. Bad idea. "too much data?" Maybe that's kinda too bad and Simplisafe should start living up to the pictures it paints, or not discuss technology in ways that makes it seem advanced to lead disabled and elderly customers into feeling remotely protected.

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@davey_d​ I always wondered why when my network went down, it seemed odd that nothing worked. Because it isn't sending full blown everything to the "system." That may be In some fine print on the website, but I didn't see it. I saw that it functions as a cellular system when internet isn't available. Now I realize that doesn't mean the system functions as most people expect "function" to mean/indicate. It would also be nice to learn that there is zero storage until connection is re-established. So if you have a loss of internet and something happens that would have been recorded...it is lost forever. Advertising is as cellular in nature makes me think, that it will function. Oh well. The more ya know

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