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Saturday, April 4th, 2020 3:39 AM

Wall Mounting the SimpliCam

Has anyone found a good way to mount the SimpliCam on the wall?  I'm very limited as to places I can just set it on without it falling off.  Being able to mount it in the corner where the motion sensor is would be ideal, but there are no holes to screw it onto the wall.

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4 years ago

I bought a couple of these:


They work well and make it easy to aim your camera after it's mounted.

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4 years ago

How did you hide the cord? Run it through the wall?

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My basement is unfinished.  I attached the cord to one of the studs using a staple gun.  It's good for what it is.



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4 years ago

All i did was take the mount off, put some heavy duty adhesive strips on the back and put it in the corner wall and ran the wire into one of those things you put on the wall to hide wires, got it at Lowe's and bam, works like a champ.
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