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Friday, December 2nd, 2022 10:04 PM

Video Pro Doorbell

I typed this out once already and then it made me register so sorry if this is a repeat. 

Just set up my system yesterday and still figuring stuff out. Wife disarmed the system when she left this morning. Doorbell picked her up backing out of the driveway. I thought it wasn’t supposed to pick anything up when it’s set to off? Also, with my doorbell, I’ve received about 8-10 notifications today and even though I have it set to people only, none of them have had people in them. I’m assuming it’s being triggered by something outside like the wreath on the door, Christmas decor in the yard, flag across the street because it’s windy today but again, it’s set to people only. Trying to figure all this out. Also, when I click on the notification, it seems to be taking me to the live feed even though I have a subscription. Is that normal? 

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2 years ago

Hi @ryanpierantoni77, welcome to the community!

It is normal for the Video Doorbell Pro to send motion alerts when the system is in an off state. This helps to add an extra layer of security to your system, by keeping a lookout around your home, even when you're there. 

You can make adjustments to your motion detection settings on the SimpliSafe app by going to the three-bar menu on the left corner of the app and selecting My System > Camera Settings > Choose your Video Doorbell Pro > Motion Detection. From there, you can toggle the sensitivity of the motion detection, and additionally set up Motion Zones to only track areas where activity would be relevant.  

Let me know if things run a bit smoother after making those changes. Happy to help!

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