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Thursday, February 20th, 2020 11:56 PM

Video Playback Not Working

While I've always had problems viewing videos in my timeline, with it often stopping every 5-10 seconds and having to click on "retry' to load the rest of the video, now it's stopping after 12-14 seconds and saying it lost part of the video due to my internet connection.

I just tested my internet, and I'm getting 424mbps download and 12mbps upload. (Second test was 427 down and 20 up, so my speed is consistently very fast.)

It's obviously easy to blame the customer, except it's giving this same error message for videos from days ago that I could view in their entirety.

ETA My cameras appear to record without issue. The status light is blue and blinking. There's no indication the cameras are losing connection.

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4 years ago

I frequently see the same issue. I'm less than totally impressed with SS cameras. I suffered a totally loss of the camera for a few days when I inadvertently changed the camera resolution to 1080 (which no longer shows up on the menu). Turns out, with the resolution set too high, it refused to broadcast a signal, but only left me with a "offline" error. Worthless error message. A few days later, after recalling I'd changed the resolution, I moved it back down to 720 and all is well again. I suggested SS improve their error messages and/or automatically dumb down the cameras to match the bandwidth.

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4 years ago

iPhone?  Theres some type of error in the app allowing people to set their cameras to 1080p which they are not capable of.  These are 720p cameras and should only be set to that.

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4 years ago

The iOS app has been updated recently, so 1080p is no longer an option for indoor cameras. I had the same issue with the cameras not working for hours after changing it to 1080p.

ETA I switched my indoor cameras to the lowest resolution, and now 90% of the time it is recording for all three indoor cameras plus the doorbell camera, BUT sometimes it doesn't, including when it's only the doorbell recording.

This is especially annoying because everything was working fine just two days ago, but also because these cameras aren't reliable if something happens. I do have outdoor cameras, but I purchased these cameras for a reason.

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4 years ago

Correction: still having same issues even with lowest resolution. Cameras seem to record without issue (static blue and blinking blue light while recording) but then I can only view half of the video before getting an error message. Occasionally, I can view the entire video without interruption, but that's the exception.

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4 years ago

I have went through extraordinary lengths trying to troubleshoot to get my cameras to work. I've tried low res, no sound, and ultimately removed cameras one at a time. Nothing worked. Even down to one camera, I was still having the same problem.

I also just installed the firmware update, and that didn't fix it either.

Now I've re-added all cameras except the doorbell, which I hopefully will be able to add tomorrow morning in better lighting, and I still can't view most recordings in their entirety. Not even when I do a manual recording so know there were no connecrion issues.

With that, I discovered I can view all of the videos (from today and yesterday when these problems started) if I download them to my phone or tablet. The entire video is saved in my gallery and there is nothing wrong with it! That's all the proof I need to know the problem is not on my end. Not that I ever doubted it. :-)

3 years ago

Video Playback? HELP PLEASE
Did anyone figure out how to view from the timeline? I have the paid monthly service but can not see any pre-video when I get an alert. I have reset, refreshed and gotten a brand new sim card for my system. I have set my Privacy Shutter to open for both my cameras but still am not able to see any video.
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