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Thursday, April 2nd, 2020 5:08 PM

Spectrum wifi

We have recently purchased Simplisafe.  Everything works great-with the exception of the cameras.  They won't connect.  After scanning the QR code, it won't even find my wifi network.  It's in the same room as the router, so service is not an issue.  We called customer service and after walking me through the same process over and over, the rep said it's my Spectrum wifi.  He said Spectrum wifi and Simplisafe cameras won't "talk."  Has anyone dealt with this before?  Any advise on how to address it?

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4 years ago

I have spectrum wifi and dont have a problem. Make sure you are connecting on the 2.4GHz network as SimpliSafe wont function on the 5GHz network.

Doorcam is a little laggy, but otherwise everything works fine with Spectrum.

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4 years ago

Long wifi password?  There is a limit of 32 characters if I recall.  Also don't try to use a hidden network.
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