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Friday, December 11th, 2020 11:16 PM

SimpliSafe Video Doorbell without pre-existing Chime/Doorbell

I acquired the SimpliSafe system recently. I installed all components except for the SimpliCam Video Doorbell. That installation of everything has been a breeze. Not so much with the installation of the video doorbell - it is turning into a real chore.
Called customer service and they told me that it would only work with an existing doorbell. Well, I don't have one - the house was not wired for a doorbell and uses a wireless one.

I am trying to get info on what components I need and how to install a chime with the video doorbell (what's a doorbell without a chime? and what's a security system without a video doorbell?).  I purchased a 16V transformer that will be used (per the SimpliSafe's recommendation to use a 16V one)

From my conversation with customer service, I gather that SimpliSafe is not recommending any specific Chimes. I did find out from the internet (user comment) that you cannot use a wireless chime, not even those digital chimes - you have to get a mechanical chime...

After experiencing how easy the rest of the SimpliSafe system is to setup and how well it works (very intuitive, quality components) I would really hate to return it, but I want to have a whole system that integrates a video doorbell with it.

The installation has started but its stuck - an electrician drilled through the front of the house, then ran a wire through the wall and through the subfloor into the basement below the entry way...I am stuck though, since I am just finding out that you need to not only power the video doorbell, but also connect it to a (mechanical chime).

If you have any suggestions please let me know what your experience has been. Any tips would be very much appreciated!!

The Video Doorbell Pro requires installation into a wired doorbell system, for both power and sound. Any model of doorbell can work, so long as it is an analog system that meets the power requirements, which you can read about here.

3 years ago

https://www.ohmkat.com/products/copy-of-ohmkat-video-doorbell-power-supply-compatible-with-simplisafe-pro-smart-wi-fi-video-doorbell?ref=robotpoweredhome  I found this link I am buying it know. Also I've been told it will ring to your phone so you don't need a chime. I agree system was awesome to set up until now. This is the flaw in the customer service it should be made clear you need a existing doorbell camera unless you want to just keep spending money ahhhhh frustrated at this point..  Hope this helps !

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3 years ago

Hi, I am the founder of OhmKat and we make power supplies and chimes that work great with Simplisafe video doorbells.  We have sold thousands of them to happy customers and made installations easier.  

With our power supply and chime, you can add a simplisafe doorbell to any door on any house regardless of whether you already had a doorbell.  

You can buy safely knowing that we offer unlimited installation support and a lifetime warranty on everything we buy.  We are even happy to work with your electrician so he or she can have a great installation experience in your home (if you are using one).

You can buy our products at https://www.ohmkat.com.  Please use discount code SIMPLISAFE10 for 10% off on simplisafe compatible power supplies and chimes.  Please reach out if you have any questions to service@ohmkat.com or 732-876-3034.

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How do you plug it in through the door.

i understand you have to plug it in to

an indoor outlet.  So I plug into the video pro simysafe outside and then a take the cord and I plug it i side.

i read something about putting the cord through the door?

completely confused?

could you send me pictures on how to do it?



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3 years ago

Thanks for the note!  I founded OhmKat we are excited to help simplisafe customers install their video doorbells easily.  Reach out if you have any questions.  You can find us at www.ohmkat.com.
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