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Monday, January 3rd, 2022 3:33 AM

Ridiculous amount of motion notifications---- doorbell camera

For the past 7 days, the second the sun goes down our doorbell camera starts detecting motion constantly. We turned the sensitivity to low and I look at the camera and there is no movement what so ever. Not even a car driving by. Anyone else had these issues??? Can't seem to get through to anyone on the phone???? Went to bed at midnight and by 6 am, my phone had 65 notifications. I hate to turn the motion completely off but at this point I feel like its the only option???? 

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2 years ago

if you get through your not likely find anyone  that can help you !

I hate to say it but SS may be hiring unqualified people. They all have the same dog and pony show  it is always on our end, never ss problem , That is a joke ! 

 I mean being unqualified because the company is not training the people only giving them the same speech to send out to the customers( I believe this was called (propaganda ) if you have a problem tell the people backing you! stop coving up!

 I'm even having a problem getting the simple  little rubber cover  to go over the indoor cameras so I can use them outside! these covers no longer show up on my product ordering forms? SS FIX THIS PLEASE 

I hope SS isn't trying to force us to purchase their outdoor cameras over these? I've got a few thousand dollars invested in my old SS and now a new SS system but I'll chunk it all  in the thrash in a heart beat and mark it up as another experience.  over all I really like my SS but SS has more than ONE major issue.

 As for your problem 1st try dusting it off every day due to spiders are really active, I know ( just try it, and call SS every day on a day shift until they fix or replace the door bell! Every day I'm retired and can cost them plenty  to tie up their techs if that is what it takes!

(Ring) isn't any better I know some of the dummys that work for them too!

Call SS Call SS !     over the past years SS has been great They just need awaking i guess. P.S Do not believe the response SS sends if your camera drops out ( we are working on this Issue) Call them every day until they upgrade to better equipment! They have many good Techs it just sort of hard to find them? dlb in Tn

A little spider inside a camera lens can be a night mare open the doorbell if you know how and blow it out Too! may not help I've been down this road before!  CALL in day time if possible ! sort of like going to Lowes after day shift goes home ! waste of time

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2 years ago

Hi aryn48watson,

At night, the Video Doorbell Pro uses infrared to detect motion (kind of like the Motion Sensors for inside the home). That means it's really looking out for sources of heat moving around the scene. If you're getting a lot of triggers, there might be something within view that generates a lot of heat in contrast to the environment - so it might be a light, or some sort of animal (or even bugs), etc.

If you're comfortable with sharing, you can post the view from your camera at the time of the triggers and we can help identify what the trigger could be.

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@aryn48watson Ah, there really does seem to be nothing within 30ft of the sensor (which would be the approximate range).

Just in case it hasn't been suggested yet, have you already performed a firmware reset of the Video Doorbell? To do that, you want to unmount the unit, then press the button in the back next to the micro-USB port, for 16 seconds. When you release, you can re-mount the unit and it will reboot. You can then set it up again like new through the SimpliSafe app.

A reset might clear out any software issues, if that's what's causing the problem.

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6 months ago

2023 Dec 20

I've had the doorbell for about 2 weeks now and I have been adjusting the motion settings in all sorts of ways ... the only setting that seems to affect anything is the motion on/off. The sensitivity settings, 'people' setting, and activity zones do not seem to have an effect day or night.  It picks up every car that goes by.  I even grayed out all of the activity zones with day and night sensitivity set to low and it still picked up most cars that went by during the day.  I just had to disable the notifications so I would get 30 or 40 of them while I was at work.  I tried doing a reset on the camera and it still does the same thing.  Base station firmware is up to do.  Not sure what else I can try.  I feel like I have wasted my money.

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i just got the doorbell pro yesterday none stop notifications. Did the same things you did. I even checked every box to exclude from motion and the thing was still going off. 

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@paulpenn10​ and @wi11iamp - I know that you both have already tried resetting your Video Doorbells; but if you haven't already I would also recommend resetting your motion detection settings in the SimpliSafe mobile app by toggling People Only mode off and on again and removing/reselecting your Activity Zones.


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