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Thursday, January 9th, 2020 12:50 PM

Night Vision on Camera

I installed our camera last week and the night vision is on. This camera is on top of a kitchen cabinet but nothing is lite up but the top of the cabinet. The night vision red light is on. I have sent two messages to support via their system and have not gotten any reply. This is becoming very perplexing. I have an issue with a teen and this was bought to keep an eye on her.

In addition to the night vision not working, she managed to sneek into the kitchen to get her cell phone off the island without being picked up. This is not good and makes me wonder about the motion detector and how close and how wide angle is the lens on it.

So for, my impressions of SimpliSafe are not good

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5 years ago

It sounds like the IR is reflecting off the top surface of the cabinet and not being "shot" out into the room.

Have you tried adjusting the position of the camera closer to the edge of the cabinet top, so that the IR has a better chance of covering the room itself?

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5 years ago

I feel like tonight I replying to most messages with "this happened to me"  as they did !

I have a camera in main living area and it would light up only a tiny part of infront of it.  Basically it was useless.

I suggest you put phone to same wifi as camera, go into app.  remove the camera.  Hold down the reset button on camera until it reboots, let the yellow solid light get its update through then once its ready and flashing white - reinstall it again and you will probably find it is now fine and will then remain that way.

re motion not being detected.  Is this a motion sensor in area where its set to secret alert or the actual camera your referring to for video playback.

If its camera double check you have the camera set to shutter open to capture extra footage.

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5 years ago

Thanks to both for the responses.

I have thought about he reflection issue and attempting to come up with a way to reduce reflection. The camera actually sits in the middle of a collectable village on a white sheet to make it look like snow. It is picking some of that area up in the picture too. Trying to come up with flat black poster board I can set the houses on so only the edge of the white fabric shows. May paint the top of the cabinet black too.

I had a devil of as time getting the camera to set up - recognize the pattern on the phone. Tried two or three times using the reset to get going again. I did not remember it having a yellow light before going to the blinking white. Will give that a try early Sat morning before the rest of the house gets up. Don't need the teen I am attempting to keep an eye on knowing what is going on and there may be a problem . She is already freaked out by it.

I looked at getting an auxiliary infrared light to increase coverage. Found one on Amazon designed for use with security camera and has 100 ft coverage.  That will really freak the teen out!! The area I need covered is about 12 - 14 ft wide and about 25 ft long. Camera is set to look down the length of the room

Thanks again and welcome others ideas - suggestions. Frustration level is high!

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5 years ago

I had the same problem and i just had it and pull the bracket off and mounted it on the corner on the wall, best decision to that and works great.

4 years ago

Do all cameras have night vision automatically active?

4 years ago

How long after I receive a text letting me know the motion sensor has been triggered does the camera continue to record? And also if the same thing that triggered it stays in the field of the motion sensor will it continue to record until it moves?
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