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Tuesday, January 14th, 2020 8:11 PM

install 2nd Doorbell Pro as a back-door camera only ?

With the absence an outdoor camera option in SimpliSafe, has anyone installed a 2nd or 3rd Doorbell Pro without wiring it to the existing doorbell transformer  to use simply as an outdoor monitoring camera ?   I don't care about the secondary doorbell functionality as they are not guest entered doors but I would like activity captured on video.   Can i simply add another 8-24VAC transformer and wire to the Doorbell Pro, hook it up to WiFi and use as simply an outdoor camera ?

The 2nd and 3rd doors are in proximity of the existing doorbell transformer just not sure if I can tap into it to run additional video doorbells.


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4 years ago

I've thought of this a bit, thinking it over again, it sounds like a good idea
I would go with separate transformer, unless yours is HUGE one.

I wonder how it would do with animals, we have small cat and dog.
Nice wide angle, and HD video as well in 1080p.

I'm interested to see what others say.

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4 years ago

I have the first version of Ring on my deck and it works great. It syncs with the front doorbell without me doing anything. I do have two transformers. I already had a large floral arrangement in a wire container on the brick wall so I put the doorbell under it to give protection from the rain.
This gives a wide view of the deck and across the back driveway. I have 3 cats that hang out on the deck. Sometimes it picks them up but mostly does not. If they jump down off a chair it will pick them up but not just roaming around.
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