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Sunday, September 20th, 2020 11:41 PM

How far is the motion detection on the Video Doorbell Pro?

We recently purchased the video doorbell pro and I am trying to figure out how far it's motion detection reaches?  We have a large front yard and I am trying to decide whether we need to put our Simplicam out there or if the doorbell will cover that distance.

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4 years ago

Hi @hayter221,

Because of the many variables (amount of light, ambient heat, etc.) occurring where the Video Doorbell Pro is installed, it is hard to say exactly how far the Motion Detection will work in your situation. We recommend first installing your Video Doorbell Pro, then setting up Push Notifications for the Motion Detection. After doing that, you can slowly walk up to your Video Doorbell Pro and as soon as you receive a notification you'll know you've reached the edge of it's Motion Detection.

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4 years ago

@hayter221 now that the Social Team at SS has given you the marketing spin, here are some details real world.

Let's take it in two parts: day and night.

First, day.  The doorbell does a great job and motion detection tuned to humanoid or all is great. Effective distance: I can pick up my neighbor across the street standing just outside his garage  walking down to his mailbox to get his mail. Awesome.

Next up, night. Ugh.  Night vision is still a work in progress in my book and, luckily, you can set the software to high sensitivity during the day and low at night.  Snow, heavy rain etc will set off more alerts than you care to deal with at any other setting.

Do I recommend the doorbell camera pro? Yes, as SS is continually improving its performance. And I would forget the Simplicam. Doorbell will do it for area covered, and wait for the hopefully soon to be released outdoor cameras.

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4 years ago

@Captain11 - You are able to set motion detection to ALL MOVEMENT and it saves?   I have been on the SS support line all morning.  It will not save for me...always goes back to People only.

Also, are you saying you get a motion alert from your neighbor across the street?  Or, are you saying you can view the neighbor when you watch live?
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