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Wednesday, July 10th, 2024 9:16 PM

Historical footages not showing under camera

Is anyone else having issues where they cannot see all the past footage for their cameras when they click on the history button within a particular camera? When I try to look at old footage, even within the same day, I get a spinning circle on the bottom like it's loading, but nothing loads. I sometimes get only one footage or as many as ten, but nothing more than that. I called Simplisafe and they told me that the only way to see old footage is via the Timeline tab, which I know is not true, and even then, I cannot filter to just a particular camera.

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7 days ago

Hi @vinegarboy89, 

Just so I have this right, you only see this issue with loading camera footage when trying to view footage for a particular camera, but when you look at your account's timeline all videos load? Have you tried removing the SimpliSafe mobile app from your device and then redownloading it? If you haven't, I would recommend trying that as a first troubleshooting step.

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That is correct. I've reinstalled the app multiple times, but the same problem happens. What is also frustrating is I can open a particular camera to look at the history, and at that moment I only see one video populate while the circle on the bottom is spinning, and then close out of that camera and go back into it and now see five videos. It's inconsistent, slow, and unreliable.

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