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Monday, November 21st, 2022 4:57 PM

Outdoor Camera Mount

Just recently bought an outside camera and was wondering if there are any gutter or non-screw products I can use to mount the camera?

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2 years ago

Hi @kharford 

The Outdoor Camera has two ways to mount it, with the included hardware or with the permanent mount, which is better suited for overhangs. You can find the permanent mount as an accessory on the product page for Outdoor Camera.

While we don't have a solution for gutters, that is a great suggestion. I'll be sure to share this with our team internally. 

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I just got my outdoor camera and mounted it, everything works as it should as far as the camera is concerned, but the magnetic ball mount is terrible. The mount will hold it in place and not fall off to the ground, but when I angle it upward to my desired view, the camera keeps shifting downward & I loose the view of my driveway. I've adjusted it back to an upward angle several times and it'll drop back down within an hour. This is unacceptable for an almost 200 dollar camera, can Simplisafe make this right and supply a mount that will actually work? It seems ludicrous that I would have to spend additional money for a mount that will actually work properly. Thank you.


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6 months ago

Mounting dome failure

I went to change the battery on one of my 3 outdoor cameras and discovered a problem.  When i took the camera off of the mount (standard dome mount) the metal magnet dome came off with the camera itself.  The metal magnet dome has a plastic dome insert inside the metal one and apparently the adhesive between the plastic and metal dome failed.  I was really surprised that given this condition i didn't find the camera on the ground!  This may be a big problem ongoing if the adhesive starts to fail more widely in the install base.  I hope to call support and get a replacement this week.  SS LMK if you have any comment to this situation.  thanks, D

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@drss​ BTW the camera is only ~ 6 months old/installed

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I don't see any adhesive on the one I got today but I see what you're talking about. If you're not careful taking the camera off I can see it hitting the ground. I'm gonna put some silicone on it where the metal meets the plastic🤷

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1 month ago

Simplisafe is way behind in mounting accessories no gutter mounts or any other options i wish there design department or engineering department was better at listening to there customers. The only options are universal third party companies. 

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1 month ago

Look online at 3rd party companies as they have tons of aftermarket accessories for simplisafe and all there products but not sure how a gutter mount would work as the outdoor cameras are pretty heavy for a mount on a gutter to support it.

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Yea I have gutter mounts already they work fantastic along with third party solar panels I was just commenting on someone else’s posts about not having options. 


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