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Wednesday, April 15th, 2020 3:31 PM

Does the Simplisafe camera have the option for continuous recording?

Or does it only have the option to record once you initiate it (with the plan) or once it detects motion?

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3 years ago

Motion yes, all the time, no.

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I would appreciate your mentioning this to your R&D people. It appears I am not the only one and I do know many people who actually won’t even try Simplisafe because of this issue. 


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11 months ago

@zen4pamela ,

Our Cameras are designed as an addition and enhancement of the SimpliSafe security system. So they're set up to respond to specific events. Unfortunately, at least right now, or cameras are not capable of more surveillance-type functions.

But as always, I'm happy to pass on your feedback to our development team.

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@davey_d​ the cameras should have a surveillance or reactive surveillance capability

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2 years ago

I think that, with the recent price hike, new features such as this one should be implemented. This would be extremely beneficial and set SimpliSafe apart from their competitors

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2 years ago

I support longer recording times that can be set per camera and when manually recording

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1 year ago

I also want to see this happen. I've been considering switching to the more expensive nest cameras because simplisafe doesn't support the continuous recording feature which is important to me for the outdoor cameras.

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@TDillman​ I wasn't aware that Next offered continuous recording. Looks like I'm switching! 



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Wyze Cam v3 does as well, with the service if I recall? It also records continuously to local storage which I find to be fantastic since you can stick a 64GB card in and get a week or more of solid recording. It's great for going back to a specific date/time to look for something that may not have triggered a motion alert.

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I too am thinking about switching because there’s no option for continuous recording. I have 2 security systems. Simplisafe and Night Owl. The Night Owl system continuously records (and shows it on my TV and my phone where I can put it on a flash drive). 

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7 months ago

Now that I've received the cameras and discovered they can not record continuously I may well return them.

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@edwardorton​ us too

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3 months ago

Well this saddens me to find out. The fact that the website states 24/7 whole home protection is misleading. I require 24/7 continuous coverage. I bought a whole new system with lots of very expensive cameras to meet my needs. I just spent money and 3 days removing my Lorex System to put in a all in one system with cameras panic buttons and so much more to meet my requirements. Tomorrow is my inspection and i am just now learning i have NO continuous recording options. Worse yet they stop recording after a couple minutes  when sitting in a room. Im beyond disappointed. This has been a financial disaster as it will possibly set me back and lose my place for a very important one of a kind license. If im not approved tomorrow i will be returning this equipment and seeking to get some of my losses and damages back. I am unbelievably upset i was gonna be 4th in the country and simplisafe has possibly completely ruined that. Even if it was a premium tier pricing for continuous coverage would work. I can not believe this im in shock. 

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@willytglow​ I'm sorry to hear this. When coupled with a monitoring plan, the SimpliSafe system protects your home with our 24/7 monitoring service and dispatch. If you are not completely satisfied, you can return your system for a full refund.

This also has doffed me.

Unfortunately due to death of my brother and perhaps foolishly jumping on a bandwagon based on hype, I jumped on buying a Simplisafe system thinking I would have 24/7 capability.

Because I bought it and had it sitting idle 6 months I doubt I can get it refunded. I just hope I can get a better system and use some of the components.

Will give Simpli a chance to respond before I give a full downvote, but very disappointed what I see so far:

- No long term recording options local or otherwise

- Motion sensors appear not to even trigger unless you set home or away (should be customizable per camera anx per sensor)

- No review of events easily accessible

- Doesn't work on my LG V20 phone (this isnt even that old, I end up logging in with a laptop)

- When I bought this a year ago on a 'Deal' a year ago for $700 with basestation and four cams + four sensors I was lead to believe this was $14.99 / month. For features expected looks likely it will actually be $29.99 ($30, lets stop with the BS 99 sh*t)

Very soon competitors with better equipment begin to look like better deals.

Not happy.

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Well that bites. I was under the impression with SimpliSafe now offering multiple camera views on their website, that I could constantly see and monitor my exterior cameras. But it times out after five minutes or so, and I have to go over and hit the “live” button again? Makes no sense. It should at least start a livestream when motion is activated. Feel really mislead. Love my system, but this is ridiculous. 

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