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Thursday, December 17th, 2020 8:15 PM

Camera setup

My system is new, last thing to finish setup is camera. I follow the instructions, put in password for internet, let the camera look at the code box, it flashes yellow for awhile and then shuts down, closes eye lid and light is off. Have got closer to the router, have also router extender and have tried it in different places but still no camera. Anyone have any ideas what is happening with my setup, sure would appreciate any ideas. Thanks!  
Also if I leave camera set for awhile it will start flashing white and say it is ready to set up again!

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4 years ago

Hi @larrybye1,

That flashing yellow light on the camera means that it has successfully connected to the router but hasn't connected to the SimpliSafe servers yet. If unable to connect to our servers for a few minutes during the initial setup, the camera will timeout and restart the setup process.

There are a few reasons that the camera may not be able to connect to SimpliSafe's servers, the first of which could be the connection between the camera and the router. Since you have already tried moving the camera closer to the router something else may be at play here. Perhaps it could be the bandwidth that you are receiving from your ISP; if the camera does not get 2 Mbps of upload speed it may not be able to connect properly to our servers. One more possibility could be your router's firewall settings. If these are set too high it could be preventing the camera from communicating successfully.

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4 years ago

New customer here.  Just set up indoor cameras yesterday.  Can the camera stand angle be adjusted?  Seems to be pointing too low.  Also night quality is very poor.  Any ideas for improvement?  Thanks for any suggestions.



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4 years ago

@ ladibug0211 the simplicam stand can easily be adjusted. hold onto the sides of the main camera body and front face up or down. As far as night quality, quality not as good with full light but should still be sharp enough. Also, make sure you have the night vision turned on in the settings. Unsure? Call support. They are very helpful.
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