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Tuesday, November 21st, 2023 6:19 PM

Secret Alert Triggers Camera, but black "No Video" screen

Hi there.

I've noticed that when a secret alert is triggered, all my cameras begin recording as expected. However, my outdoor cameras always show the black "no video" screen. This behavior is only exhibited with secret alerts and has not been what I've experienced with the same cameras when detecting motion (they are working just fine in that regard). Both cameras are running firmware

  • I've done a connection test, indicating a good connection and upload speed.
  • I've added all of my SimpliSafe cameras to a dedicated TP-Link wifi extender that is solely used for my SimpliSafe cameras (strong connection/upload speed).
  • I've tried removing them from that wifi and using them directly connected to my main router (Also indicating strong connection/upload speed).
  • I've tried resetting the cameras, then adding them back to the wifi/SimpliSafe app, and hard rebooting them by removing their batteries.

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Any idea what causes this? 

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7 months ago

Hi @TMark, 

Thank you for reporting this. Our engineers are currently investigating similar cases like this, so I've added this to their on-going ticket. Someone will reach out to you soon to further investigate why this is happening and how to resolve it.

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