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Monday, October 9th, 2023 9:09 AM


I purchased three security systems from Simplisafe in June 2023, complete with outdoor cameras for each system.  I installed the first system at my primary residence, which worked for a short time and then the cameras quit working.  Since that time, I have spent countless hours on the phone with various Simplisafe techs trying to get the system working, without success.  I have jumped through every hoop they have asked me to jump through and, to date still do not have a working system.  I have done the following multiple times with the assistance of a Simplisafe tech:


Deleted the app from my phone and reinstalled it

Updated the based station

Updated the keypad

Rebooted the base station

Rebooted the internet router

Verified that the bandwidth from the internet provider was 906 Mbps upload and 936 Mbps download

Rebooted the WIFI extender

Rebooted the cameras


I have also replaced the following equipment with the direction and assistance of a Simplisafe tech:


Replaced the base station

Replaced all three outdoor cameras

Installed a Simplisafe WIFI extender


I have repeatedly attempted to reboot and connect the cameras, carefully following the prompts on the app with the direction from a live Simplisafe tech.  After I was told by the Simplisafe tech that the problem might be with my internet provider (not explaining why the system worked initially),  I set up a conference call between myself, the Simplisafe tech and my internet provider. During the conference call, we verified that I had previously requested they set up a dedicated secondary WiFi network, locked to the 2.4GHz band, as well as WPA2 encryption, and using a different password.  The internet provider verified that these changes had been made.  The Simplisafe tech and I then attempted to connect the cameras, again with no success. 


After performing all the above actions, the Simplisafe tech could not give me an answer as to why the cameras did not work., but when I requested they send a tech out to fix the system, they said they cannot send anyone to fix it since they don't have their own field techs, and the issue is a "troubleshooting problem."  When I suggested I wanted to return the systems, I was told that the time period for returning the system(s) has expired, so I am apparently stuck with more than $2,000 worth of equipment that I cannot use.  I have been unable to get anyone at Simplisafe to offer any solution to the problems.  My final analysis is that Simplisafe doesn't really care about their customers once they have their money.  Apparently there are many other customers on this blog that feel the same way.  Is anyone listening at corporate???????

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8 months ago

I know this doesn't help you, but I been through exactly what you're going through. I had well over $2000 in my system also. Simpliunsafe finally gave me my money back for the cameras only. I told them that my next phone call will be to an attorney if they didn't refund my money. They would only refund me for the cameras and all the accessories that I bought for them. They know they have a problem but won't fix it. I am surprised that there isn't a class action lawsuit against them.

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Still trying to get someone to help at Simplisafe. I had all kinds of problems with ADT and Brinks before I went to Simplisafe. They lie just like them all.  Seems like there are no honest security providers out there.

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If, as others have said, the cameras are woken up by the base station, then it seems to me that tweaking your WIFI won't have any effect. 

If moving the base station closer to the cameras wakes them up reliably, then ... (?!)

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Seems that a class action suit is the only way any action will be made by Simplisafe. I've done all the same steps as others have outlined here and the refurbished replacement they sent me will not read a QR code even when trying in the middle of the night with near complete darkness behind my bright phone...the cameras are garbage thus making the rest of the system worthless...

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8 months ago

Hi @berrytc, 

I'm extremely sorry to hear about your situation. I want you to know that we're going to do everything we can to get your cameras back up and running again. I've opened up a ticket with our escalated Support team on your behalf. A senior specialist will be in touch soon to get to the bottom of this.

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@emily_s​ So you are censuring my posts now?

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I have tried absolutely everything possible to make my cameras operative, including phone instructions from live Simplisafe technicians, all without success.  After my last attempts, the tech stated he would have their "Support Team" reach out to me, but that was a week ago and no contact since from Simplisafe.  I am just confounded why a company would allow this type of thing to continue without addressing the root problem....can you help me?

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The outdoor cameras are awful, full stop, end of sentence.  They know it, their customers know it.  They aren't going to get better because it's a hardware issue, it literally cannot be fixed.

My concern is that their new indoor wireless cameras are built using similar architecture (base station wakes up camera, camera connects to wifi, camera starts to stream).  I've seen somewhat similar behavior with the one that I purchased.

No amount of begging or pleading will resolve the issue because it's not something they can resolve.  You're going to keep getting the same attempts to fix it.  Your only option is to consider another system at this point.


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@berrytc​ I can see that the agent you spoke to did send your case details to our engineers for further investigation - someone will contact you to investigate your cameras further. In the interim, I can absolutely troubleshoot with you further here in the Community. 

Can you please tell me the symptoms your cameras are exhibiting? Are there any flashing lights? Are they currently added to your system?

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8 months ago


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8 months ago

I have 10 cameras total and have no issues, a few years ago I did and found out my spectrum router and modem was out of date and they came out and replace them both and have not had any other issues. Maybe need to look into a mesh system to help ypu out better. 

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Thats not going to help the cameras wake up any faster, ask me how I know.

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A faster router would certainly help if you haven't had an upgrade in a while. But what also helps is to troubleshoot the local radio link between that camera and the Base Station, because it's the Base Station that wakes the camera up.

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8 months ago

I feel your pain! My stuff is worthless too. Works when it wants. Looks like this issue has been ongoing for over a year and still not addressed. I am considering contacting the BBB since I can't get any answers on why the doorbell and backyard camera doesn't pick-up all activity. I've done all troubleshooting steps along with SS sending a new doorbell. I stand waving my arms in front of the doorbell and back camera and nothing. Although a leaf fell in front of doorbell and picked that up. I am beyond frustrated. Tired of the runaround. Tired of the excuses. Fix your products! 

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Hopefully people will start to wake up and see how simpliunsafe is taking their money and not selling them a working product. What I can't believe is that a company that sells a "security Product " can get away with selling a product that is not working and could put the owner at risk.

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7 months ago

Yup I feel your pain too... 

The old Simple Cam with an outdoor kit is actually a far superior camera to the outdoor camera... on the Outdoor camera the wake up time is absurd and whatever happened will be over before it wakes up and records anything.... I don't think mine has ever been under 30 seconds and its usually more like a minute... I cannot figure out who thought having a base station inside the house wake up a camera outside was even a viable design strategy... the thing should least cache video on board when it detects motion.

Door bell camera .. and i'm not kidding...  usually gets a picture of the back of the Fed EX guy getting back into his truck. You really want to have a bad time try to have a conversation with someone at your door.

My time line is full of "we didn't get this part of the recording from your camera" ...  WiFi is a very nice mesh system and the service is always over half a gig .... Message usually means "we didn't get any of the recording", but every once in a while there is a little of it...

Ive heard it all:


Your Router

Your WiFi


delete and re add...

Its your phone

Its your phone provider

and so on and so forth

Really the only reason i haven't been squeaky lately is that I have been very busy and it is hopeless...

Best of luck, I'm not holding my breath...

The only thing i could suggest with respect to connecting the cameras is to either turn off temporarily the 5GZ side of the router or if that isn't possible turn the power way down on the 5GHZ radio temporarily, of if you router has the ability to set up a separate network name for the 2.4ghz radio or a guest network do that....The cameras are too stupid to realize the same network may be transmitting on both frequencies.


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For cameras (all brands) that require 2.4G WIFI, you'll get more reliable operation if you split your WIFI, and setup your cameras to the 2.4G band.  It's simple to do on your internet provider's web site on your accounts' WIFI settings page.

When I did it, the result was a 2.4G band with the existing name, plus a 5G band with -5 added to the end of the name.  Both bands use the same password.

For example, if your existing WIFI name is "mywifi", then after splitting you will have a 2.4G band named "mywifi", plus a 5G band named "mywifi-5" or a custom name of your choosing if your provider offers that option.

Since your cameras were already setup to connect to the WIFI named "mywifi", you shouldn't need to do anything else, other than possibly cycling the power to the cameras, unless you changed the 2.4G name when you did the split (not recommended).

To avoid overcrowding, be sure to reset all your other WIFI enabled devices, that don't specifically call for a 2.4G connection, like cell phones, tablets, TVs, computers, game consoles, etc. to the 5G band.

2.4G WIFI is better at penetrating walls and objects. 5G is faster, and can support more devices.

Hope this helps.

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5 months ago

why did the system work for months/years to begin with ?

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5 months ago

Now doorbell doesn't work at all. Guess it doesn't work in cold weather. And on top of that my backyard camera is missing due to the crappy hardware that it comes with. I'm at wits end! 

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15 days ago

Thanks for the info.  I had a scare when the adhesive stopped working and I got a phone call.  It turns out the sensor fell on the floor making a false alarm. It was less than a year of putting it up.  Also I bought the doorbell to find that it had to be wired. I sent it back and never got a refund for it.  

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@JulzMCWhen adhering sensors to surfaces, we recommend cleaning the surface with an alcohol-based cleaning solution and letting the surface dry all the way to ensure that the device stays secured to the wall.

But regarding the refund for your Video Doorbell, have you already gotten in touch with our Support team about this? They will be able to help track that down for you.

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