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Thursday, May 14th, 2020 7:36 PM

camera motion detection

I have the current SimpliSafe system with the most current camera. In the iPhone app I am trying to isolate a portion of the camera view so that motion in that area is ignored. The wind moving my flag keeps providing false positive readings.

A call to the SimpliSafe help was a waste of time. Gee, nobody else is having this issue and when I pushed the person I spoke to said she would report it to Engineering. It has now been quite a while since I called and a) the problem still exists and b) nobody has gotten back to me with any kind of comment/resolution.

Is anyone else having the issue of false positives from the door bell camera? Unfortunately I can't send a screenshot of what I'm referring to



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4 years ago

There is a setting in app for video doorbell that you can color out what you dont want to capture like i did as i was getting crazy alerts as well and now its perfect. Make sure the app is up to date then go in there and check it out.

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4 years ago

We are having the same issue.   I have taken out the area where the flag is and it still gives false positives
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