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Monday, June 19th, 2023 3:41 AM

System Problems

I have had numerous issues going from the original system(that worked on great) to the "upgraded " system. The only reason I went to the new one is because my co detector went out and they don't make it any more and gave me a new system for free.(Get what you pay for  I guess) I went thru two weeks of countless hours on the phone with techs trying to help  with small victories but continuing glitches. Then by some miracle everything started working for a couple of days, or so I thought. Came home today and it had been on HOME all day(pets) When I entered thru the front door there was no alarm beeping.   I waited for a couple of minutes with nothing happening. Went to the back door and opened it and same thing.   Called a tech and they couldn't figure it out. I opened a third entry sensor on a window and the alarm finally activated. Reset the system to HOME and two keypads now showed Out Of RANGE, even though they are only twenty feet or so from the base station with just a couple of interior walls between. The base station is situated in a back bedroom where I can barely hear it because it is the only place on the main floor that doesn't have a WIRELESS INTERFERENCE DETECTED warning blaring out. I even unplugged all of my other devices and removed the remotes from the house to test when I installed and still get that warning. I have basically been without an alarm system for 3 weeks now and I am frustrated to no end. I am to to the point that I am about to take out the New and Improved system and replace my  old system.  Not  sure what to do here. Based on the reviews I am reading it sounds like this new system is a piece of junk that doesn't work well in a lot of places.

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1 year ago

Hi @tundrapilot ,

Sorry to hear that you've had so much trouble. That "Wireless Interference Detected" warning is the biggest clue about what's going on. There's another signal somewhere in your home that is getting in the way of communication between your system and its components.

(As a side note; it is possible that the wireless interference has actually been there the whole time. The difference with your newer system is that it can now actually detect it. So it's a good thing that you upgraded!)

Turning off some of your devices to test was a good call. Keep in mind that since the system uses a low frequency signal, we're probably looking for simpler devices. The common examples I give are remote garage door openers, baby monitors, wireless weather stations, and some models of smart switches and smart plugs. Not so much WiFi devices like smart TVs, computers, and video game consoles, etc, all of which use high frequency.

Moving the Base Station to different spots where it can have a better time receiving signals, and resetting to force it to refresh its connections, can help a little bit. And perhaps a replacement Base Station can too, in case there's a hardware issue that's affecting the transmitters, or something like that. But if that doesn't work, it might still come down to hunting for that source of interference before we can move on to further troubleshooting.

But I've gone ahead and requested a call from a specialist. Hopefully they can help with the search.



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1 year ago

@tundrapilot First thing that appears true is that your system is having major issues. That's a fact. SS3 as a general "piece of junk" is not. Why do I say that with confidence? My system, my daughter's, her in-laws, my two borther in laws, their three children's systems, my four neighbors, my six former co-workers.....you get the idea by now...all work fine.

But I get it. You don't care about a million other systems that are fine, you only care about yours...I agree but want to make the point your system needs replacement and talking to a first line agent who happens to getting your call and starting over is not going to solve the issue.

I do suggest you call and ask for a manager to call you back at a mutually agreeable time, discuss the history and get a replacement base at least and think out of the box if there are any external factors too.

Please post your outcome here if you get a chance.

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