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Saturday, November 5th, 2022 4:16 AM

Removing old account, I don't know who the previous owner was.

I'm having an issue that your customer support team couldn't even help me with I called to see if the camera that I purchased from an estate sale was an indoor outdoor camera and gave them the serial number they couldn't tell me whether it was or was not I had to look it up online well I called to see if they could remove the old account because no one knows who the previous owners information is for this account and y'all can't remove an old account through your internet service or whoever provides your internet but I wasn't at all surprised because your customer service going to tell me if I had an indoor outdoor camera I just need to know is there any way to remove account if you don't know that person's information or there are no longer living I want to use the camera cuz we're going out of town and it looks like it'll be a great little camera with the app but if I can't remove it on account and you can't remove an old account and you couldn't even tell me whether it is an indoor outdoor camera is there hope at all that anyone can help me thank you

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1 year ago

I have the same question, and it confuses the website:

1) old property, older system, still listed--and I'm getting alerts and warnings for this old system that is not in use

2) new property, new/modern system, listed

How does one remove an old property/system?


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Hi @peknobel​ 

The best option here would be to contact our support team directly. They'll be able to verify you over the phone and get that old location removed from your account. You can contact them directly with the details here.

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I did - they will not do anything if I don't know the original account.  Simplisafe claims they are concerned about stolen cameras - this isn't true, they want to brick used cameras so you buy a new one.  If they actually cared they could verify with the old account that they sold their camera.  As usual terrible service with this clown show company

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@rolsen40​ If the original owner of your Outdoor Camera removed it from their account, you should be able to add it to your account. I've forwarded your case to our escalated Support team - a specialist will be in touch soon to get to the bottom of this.

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