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Saturday, July 15th, 2023 9:14 PM

Do other people think the new web app Devices page is a poor design compared to previous version?

I just went to the web app page for Devices and it appears to have been changed. The old version allowed me to refresh and see the settings for all my devices for all system modes on one page. I could refresh, see, and make changes to multiple devices quick and easily. The new page has nice icons but makes me have to select each individual device one at a time to see its settings and there is no refresh option on the page. What I could do or see with a couple clicks now takes dozens of clicks plus pop in display scrolling and I have to take notes to get an overall listing of my system. The icons look nice but the usability is poor.

11 months ago

This is HORRIBLE!  ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!!  What use to take seconds now takes forever and then you aren't sure if devices are setup as you want them.  Bring back the old devices page!

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11 months ago

It looks nice, but the functionality has been drastically reduced.  This change is probably one of the worst changes I have seen since I started using SimpliSafe.  It would be cool if Simplisafe would send out a poll on whether users prefer the new or the old, and let us all see the results.  Not going to happen, I'd assume, but it would be interesting nonetheless.

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11 months ago

There is a similar thread on this issue started a couple days after mine “Why was website downgraded? With many more posts.

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10 months ago

Yes, I agree, the old version allowed you to see everything in one view. The new version sucks. I guess the latest price increase was to pay for a new horrible design. SS made a mistake with this change.

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5 months ago

100% agree, the new device settings page is unfriendly and minimally useful. The over version that allow us to see all devices in a grid was far superior to the current view. 

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