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Tuesday, August 31st, 2021 9:34 PM

No Phone notification when in Home mode

When in Home Mode, an opened entry sensor does not send an alert to my phone.  The keypad starts the entry countdown and the Timeline updates in the app, but the Base Station makes no alert notification and no push notification/alert is sent to the phone.  Is this operating as intended?  It seems that if your home has been breached, the app should tell you through a notification immediately. Please advise.

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3 years ago

Hi cahosler,

For both Home and Away Modes, when a sensor is triggered, that should start the countdown (as you mention). The Alarm notification would then be sent when the countdown is complete.

For Home Mode, you do have the ability to set the countdown timer for Entry Delay to as low as zero seconds, which is essentially the same as instantly triggering.

- Johnny M.
SimpliSafe Home Security

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Thanks for the information.  I understand that it will send an alert to my phone if its set to instant trigger or 0 second delay, but the objective would be to know someone has breached the entry before the siren is blaring.  

Imagine you are in a back bedroom or upstairs and there is a breach on the first floor.  It is crucial and necessary that a smart security system, immediately alerts the homeowner that a breach has occurred via an app notification.  It doesn't necessarily mean there is an intruder as this could also have been a child that happened to open the door.  I implore you to submit this feature request as it is important to the safety of Simplisafe subscribers.

Thank you for listening.

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3 years ago


I agree that this functionality should exist and be added to the "to do" list for the app.

Until that functionality gets added you may want to consider a second sensor on your door(s) that are set to secret alert so you get immediately alerted when the door opens. This is my current set up so I know exactly when some doors open as soon as they open, regardless of alarm state.

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Yes, This is my plan.  Thank you for the suggestion!

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3 years ago


I still think it's a bummer we have to buy extra hardware for this functionality and I hope SimpliSafe will add this to their list.

@Johnny M,

Please add this to "the list" that we all hope exists and is being worked on. :)

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Guessing this is still not a “feature”? Kind of ridiculous. Your use case is extremely common. Why should we not be notified immediately? It makes no sense, especially given the fact that I’ve had SimpliSafe automatically start a countdown shortly after someone leaves the house and re-arms the system to Home Mode with the FOB.

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