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Monday, July 31st, 2023 9:16 AM

FALSE ADVERTISING: "RV/pet friendly" without Cellular Mobile App Access? Seeking hacks, CONSTANT NOTIFICATIONS AND ALARMS I CAN'T TURN OFF

Simplisafe has successfully manipulated me into thinking that this is an acceptable system for an rv. Complete with labeling their new temperature sensor as pet friendly for heat. I am $400+ out and dealing with temperature alarms every hour on the hour that I cannot turn off from mobile app, and I cannot always answer the phone calls (which don't give me an option to turn it off). SimpliSafe's response to that is, "well, why CAN'T you answer?" Sure, let me just tell someone traumatized that their trauma can wait until I fix my alarm system glitch. I can either monitor my temperature on WiFi only, get $600+ starlink, or be borderline harassed by Simplisafe automatically and only stop it by calling and having a live conversation with customer service. I have quite literally considered blocking their number because it's driving me so insane. It's also draining the batteries and power down. It also puts me in the position to not know if I'm having a high temperature alert because it's a few degrees above, or because it's 15-20 degrees above (no syncing on cellular). 

The entire app should be accessible from the mobile app on cellular anyways. Simplisafe nests that the mobile app doesn't work on cellular to trick people into thinking they offer a cellular system, then you find out you can't even disarm it from your phone. Just have alarms blaring all day if you can't answer the phone while at work. Bad idea.

I saw something recently regarding Cellular cameras and "too much data?" Maybe that's kinda too bad and Simplisafe should start living up to the pictures it paints, or not discuss technology in ways that makes it seem advanced to lead disabled and elderly customers into feeling remotely protected.

I beg of you all. I must be missing something simple. I must be overlooking something, a hack, some sort of shortcut, a mobile Internet service option, a hotspot, changing the settings twice a day, using the desktop website from mobile browser, or SOMETHING. EXPLAIN HOW I CAN FIX THIS TO ME LIKE I'M FIVE because every associate I talk to over the phone keeps running me around and not being straight with me about how the system works. I shouldn't be finding out after weekly phone calls for 6 months to customer service that I never understood how the system works to begin with. That is such a FAILURE on SimpliSafe's part. I feel MASSIVELY taken advantage of.

How was SimpliSafe getting away with saying that this is a safe pet and RV system when it cannot be controlled remotely? What if my pets ears were being damaged for hours by a false smoke alarm? Would Simplisafe pay for the vet bills? This is ridiculous and I'm so upset that I spent the minimal money I have available to me on a system that doesn't even work the way it's HEAVILY implied. SIMPLISAFE NEEDS TO PUT IN BOLD LETTERS ON THE PAGE OF EVERY SINGLE SUPPOSEDLY "CELLULAR COMPATIBLE" DEVICE THAT THEY SELL A DISCLAIMER STATING THAT THE MOBILE APP DOES NOT WORK ON CELLULAR. I wonder how many chumps like me they'd miss out on then?

And before simplisafe associates start to argue that they haven't said that it works like this, that is false. You have people in your customer service sections and in your community telling people that it's a great option for that, without mentioning these quirks. All over the website it says that if you don't have WiFi, you won't have MONITORING. conveniently, the fact that the mobile app only works on Wi-Fi is tucked away somewhere I could only find by using keywords on Google search, ie, NOT ACCESSIBLE TO DISABLED CUSTOMERS. Do y'all seriously think I have the time to read through EVERY single FAQ & community post before purchasing the system? Why would anyone assume they'd need to do that? No, I simply trusted that what y'all TOLD ME was true, that Wi-Fi access affected the ***MONITORING SERVICE.*** Y'all should be ashamed of yourselves for not being more forthcoming about the features and drawbacks of your system. I suspect it has to do with what I told the agent yesterday, which is, "this is the entire reason I bought the system and if this function doesn't work, I want my money back!"

**That kind of money is life or death for me. This RV is my only home. This system is my only way to keep my animals safe.** Never in a million years did I think to assume that a system this advanced would not be able to complete such a simple, basic function. I mean seriously, 6 months of issues, and not ONE agent thought to tell me this basic drawback? Not ONE?! Of course not during the 30 day refund window, no doubt. 

I SERIOUSLY MIGHT WANT MY MONEY BACK. If anyone has any AFFORDABLE hacks, PLEASE let me know. 

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1 year ago

Hi @Winder549went,

I'm really sorry to hear about your experience. We're going to do everything we can to turn this situation around for you. It does sound like there has been some miscommunication regarding how the system works, so I'd like to clear a few things up for you.

First, the SimpliSafe app works through both cell and WiFi. If you don't have WiFi available at your location, but you do have cell reception, then your SimpliSafe app should be able to work. But the other end of the equation is how your Base Station is connected. It has two possible connections: WiFi and cell.

If you choose not to subscribe to Monitoring Service, then only WiFi will be active. That means you'll need to have a WiFi router, access point, or hotspot that is connected to the internet, in order for the Base Station to link up.

But if you do subscribe to either the Standard or Fast Protect Monitoring Plans, then that activates the built-in cellular connection. That means the Base Station will be able to connect on its own, without having to be linked through your home's WiFi.

Judging by the fact that you're getting calls from Monitoring agents, it sounds like you are subscribed to Monitoring Service. Which means that your Base Station's built-in cell should actually be working. I've taken the liberty of setting up a call from a senior specialist, who will make sure your system is working properly. Please keep an ear out for that call!



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1 year ago

@Winder549went A long time customer, sevensiamesecats, posted about his experience and use of his system with his RV. I am not sure but I believe he used it when parked at home in storage and, in certain conditions, while on the road at campgrounds with WIFI. The how and detials I suggest you do a community search and do some research how he succeeded in using it. 

As far as the false advertising, seven did get it to work.


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