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Monday, April 15th, 2019 2:45 PM

How to set up my spouse on the same account

Hopefully this isn't a dumb question, but I want my husband to have the same app access/capabilities that I have. He's downloaded the app but it doesn't give him the option to connect to an existing system? Is there a way he can connect to our existing account/base system?

Thank you!

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4 years ago

The only was to accomplish this is to login with identical email and password as your account.

The problem arises when you want a user to have slightly different capabilities than the account owner. That is not currently (has been requested for many YEARS) available.

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That's a shame! They should set that up soon!

Thank you for the information!



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4 years ago

@skrowe88. no need to panic. My wife and I both have the Android app on our phones and it works quite well. We both have different applock codes so we remember ours and to get into the app is easy.  (Fingerprint would be easier SS).

As far as the two apps, yes same email and password but that's stored, so no issue there either.

On the account itself we use the form

John & Mary Doe

Primary phone my cell number
Secondary my wife's cell number


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1 year ago

This is extremely deficient.  Especially when multi-factor Auth becomes involved.  Also, in an ideal world the primary should be able to control level of access of secondary or subsequent users.  Both to accurately track activity and to prevent corruption of login credentials. Even simplisafe's own online support is challenged by understanding MFA when two primary phone #s are involved.  This aspect of UX is horrid.

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@olliezad​ this thread was created before MFA was implemented. But you might be interested in this thread, where other Community members are also asking for Multi-User Logins.

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