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Tuesday, January 28th, 2020 7:10 PM

Connecting SS to Google Smart Home/Alexa

Can someone tell me what the advantages and disadvantages are of linking the SS3 to Google Smart Home & Alexa?  It sounds like it's doing nothing more than adding a lot of complexity to the alarm system. I didn't realize this could be done until recently installing my Smart Lock.

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4 years ago

I have Alexa, can't speak for Google, but IMO it's just a gimmick right now.  You can use her to set the alarm, but its rather cumbersome.  I have to say "Alexa, ask Simplisafe to lock up" and then Alexa asks me, do you want to lock up in home mode?  Then I say have to say yes.  Then she says, Ok and it sets the alarm to Home.  You can't use it to disarm the system, which is a good thing.  I found it much easier though to have multiple keypads so I can just push a button from whatever room I'm in.

With that said, *if* we reach a point where SS can be used with Alexa routines I would love it.  Right now I have a routine setup so that when I say Alexa, Goodnight, she shuts off all the lights and ceiling fans throughout the entire house.  Even turns off the TV if its on.  It would be awesome if SS could also alarm at that point, but until then I really don't use the feature.

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I had a feeling it was just a gimmick. After 45+ years of working in the IT field, I'm burnt out and don't need any more complexity in my life, which is why I purchased SimpliSafe.  It's intuitive and, as the name implies, simple.  

I had no idea that you could set-up Alexa to launch routines and perform functions such as you described. As interesting as it sounds, I'll stick with the old fashion way of turning things on and off.  I need the exercise.

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4 years ago

Believe me I get it.  I'm in the IT world myself and the only thing I wanna do is invent a time machine, go back to 20 year old me, and say "Hey you!  Find something else to do with your life!"

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4 years ago

I am a new customer and also would love to see more integration. For me, personally, with Google Home. For us also the only thing we are able to do it arm the system.

Can anyone from Simplisafe respond on a timeline for proper integration with Google Home - I would love to be able to arm and disarm my system directly from my Home app and to be able to see my camera there also (I have a second security camera which is much simpler and provides said integration!).
Please add this feature request and give us a timeline as to when we can expect to see proper integration!
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