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Friday, July 16th, 2021 4:54 PM

arming and disarming notification tone

can the arming and disarming notification tone on android phone be changed...Tone now is causing confilict with other same notifications. I realize I can turn it off completely but I like the concept but kust not the tone. Have searched but cannot find where to change that tone, others yes. Thanks



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3 years ago

I found the setting to change it on my Galaxy S7.  I went to Settings>Notifications>Advanced>SimpliSafe app
Scroll down under "Categories" and I see one for "Arming Reminders" with the slide button to turn on or off, but if you click on the Arming Reminders text it takes me to another window where I can change the sound.

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perfect. they could have explained their notification topics much better. Thanks for the help!!!

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3 years ago

Hi folks,

Yep, the above feature described by hondaman88 is built into Android, where you can customize pretty much all your notification tones. Otherwise, the SimpliSafe app will just use your system's default.

- Johnny M.
SimpliSafe Home Security

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1 year ago

The announcement on arming or disarming just stopped happening. What’s up?!

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Hi @patbull​, 

Are you no longer hearing a prompt from your Base Station when you arm/disarm your system? Or are you no longer hearing a custom notification tone you set on your Android?

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