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Thursday, March 4th, 2021 1:48 AM

Second night in and I am now worried

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2 years ago

A rarity, IMO.

I have the older SS2 system and have had a few nuisance triggers from motion sensors over the course of three years but none from door/entry sensors.

To me either the sensor is wonky or the magnet/sensor positioning needs further review (or the door moved enough to trigger) because even if the base loses communication with the sensor it doesn't/shouldn't trigger.
I just don't think there is any way that it truly was a movement trigger. As I said, due to trim setups, many of my other door sensors are farther apart than this one is.
I hope it was a fluky bad hardware issue.

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2 years ago

Hi @Michael,

As whoaru99 mentioned, it's extremely rare to get false alarms from one of our Entry Sensors. This leads me to believe that it is either a faulty sensor or that the sensor is not "seeing" the magnet well enough. While normally the latter issue would be caused by the magnet being too far from the sensor, it's also possible that it's a weak magnet so that the Entry Sensor gets triggered even though it is not as far away from the magnet as some of your other sensors are. Since that's a possibility, make sure to replace the magnet as well once you receive the replacement sensor.

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2 years ago

@Michael  A bad entry sensor would be rare indeed. I have one on my garage door, on a door hinge, and has been subjected to extremely cold weather, and still works perfectly. One thing you may also want to check is if there is any "play" in the door where the distance of the  magnet and main body of the sensor changes, as asked by whoru99.

You can also exchange that entry sensor with another one, place on secret alert only and see if you have any issues while waiting for a replacement from SS after you call. One final thing, suggest you make the small investment of having a few sensor "spares". I have a 40+ piece system and have a few spare sensors I have collected over time (motion, entry, break, water) that if one does fail, I can swap it out. I have 5 other SS3 systems in my local area (neighbors, friends etc) that have systems that on a rare occasion have "borrowed" something from my stash and then later replaced it.

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1 year ago

We had the same problem with one entry sensor on three separate occasions.  Whenever we did get the alert that the system indicated an open door, I opened and closed the door and it went back to operating normally for weeks or maybe even months.  Since then, the same sensor has been working flawlessly for over a year.  I don't have an explanation for this.  It would be very upsetting if this happened when we were not home.  We would immediately wonder if we forgot to close this door when we left.

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1 year ago

I have had the same problem with the new Gen 3 system on three different occasions. I have no pets or kids in the house.

First time it was the living room motion sensor which caused a false alarm resulting in the police responding and informing me that I would be issued a fine for $25.00 the next time it happened.

Second time it was the kitchen motion sensor that caused a false alarm. I was notified by the monitoring company in enough time that I cancelled the police response and avoided a fine.

Third time the kitchen motion sensor, garage side door entry sensor & laundry room entry sensors sent out a false alarm, but I answered the call and averted another police response.

After spending over an hour on the phone the first time a and a ridiculous amount of time the second time without getting the problem resolved I called back and cancelled my monitoring plan. 

Simpli Safe used to have great customer service when I installed my first system 4 years ago, but recently their service sucks. Really hard to get someone to answer. and then seems like their agents read from a canned speech when trying to resolve a problem. 

SImpli Safe has yet to contact me and try to resolve this problem. Guess they do not care if they have your business or not.

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