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Tuesday, December 21st, 2021 12:33 AM

Motion Sensor


Is it possible to deactivate the motion sensors only (at night for example), but still have the entry sensors, etc activated?



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2 years ago

Under device settings are the different things you can do with Motion sensors. 

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2 years ago

In "Home" mode motion sensors are off. All the other sensor are active.

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2 years ago

@tls is correct. By default, Motion Sensors are already disabled in Home Mode. But you can decide which ones are active on a per-sensor basis. For example, if you don't typically move around downstairs at night, you can keep those Motion Sensors armed in Mode Mode, and disable only those upstairs!

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@davey_d​   Can motion sensor not responding activate itself?  I have been losing motion detection sensors left and right but last night I had one avtivate itself about 6 hours later.

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@mikeb11676​ A Motion Sensor Not Responding error can be caused by a few different things, like a low battery or a weak connection between the sensor and Base Station. You can learn more about this error message and how to troubleshoot it in this Help Center article

If this error was cause from a weak connection between the Motion Sensor and Base Station, but its connection is later regained, it could resolve this error. I see that you've already reached out to our Support team regarding this, and they're going to replace your sensors. If you continue to experience this with your new Motion Sensors, let me know!

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