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Saturday, June 5th, 2021 1:31 AM

Motion Sensor Sensitivity

I see the switch to change the sensitivity of the motion sensors. Does that switch also affect the range out to which they detect heat motion?  In other words, in order to obtain the full advertised range is it necessary to place a motion sensor on high sensitivity?

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3 years ago

Hey Jonny Gogo,

I did just answer your question in this thread as well. But to answer this one:

The Motion Sensor works by looking out for heat-generating objects moving around in view. So the effective range can be influenced by the environment in the room. As a result, we can't really give you precise numbers for the range that each setting gives. What we can say is that at the default medium setting, the Motion Sensor should be able to detect at about 30ft.


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3 years ago

@Johnny M

Excellent, thanks for the info.
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