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Tuesday, December 4th, 2018 6:14 PM

Painting entry sensors?

Sorry if this question has been answered previously, but I don't see a search function for the forums, my question: Is there any reason that I should not paint the entry sensors? They stand out pretty starkly on our painted doors. Thanks

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5 years ago

I can't think of one as long as the paint isn't intended for RFI shielding. ;)

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5 years ago

I think there was a post previous and with the state of the art search feature for this site it is right at my finger tips, ...
While waiting for the search feature to provide useful info, the post indicated there could be a warranty issue if you painted a sensor.  The part of the post I can't pull out of the dark recesses is whether or not a SS employee or user posted the statement.



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5 years ago

Several SS reps said and actually acted as if they encouraged, painting sensors, that it was ok to do so.  Assuming because you intend to keep your system forever and never return it for any reason :)

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Painting a sensor should not affect warranty coverage, unless somehow the paint/painting the sensor caused the problem. This would be like Ford or General Motors trying to deny engine warranty because you put a custom paint job on the car. They can't, unless they can show how the custom paint job caused the engine problem they are trying to deny warranty on.

On the other hand, painting the sensors right away may not be the best plan if there are any doubts about keeping the system just because you might change your mind/get cold feet type of thing.
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