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Sunday, December 12th, 2021 10:12 PM

sensor battery issue

There is a possible MAJOR issue with your Simplisafe system I have discovered.  The home base unit, the app, and the SimpliSafe central office does not know if there is an issue with a sensor in a particular situation.  If the sensor is added to a system and working properly (shows no device errors) AND then the battery is removed, the systems do not know there is a battery issue and STILL reports the sensor as okay (actually, it does NOT report any device error).  This is similar to a battery going dead or or a sensor's battery dislodges, falls out or is removed.

I am surprised that SimpliSafe can not "see" the current status of a sensor if this occurs.

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2 years ago

If I recall, the issue you refer to is the sensors not "checking in" with the Base Station immediately. The process will eventually happen, but it does take some time (how long, I do not know without searching my bookmarks). So if you remove a battery, the battery is unseated, or the battery dies, the notification will not be instantaneous. However, as soon as the Base Station sends a signal for a sensor check, it should, if working correctly, notify you of the problem. Likewise, if you were to update and sync the system yourself, it should inform you instantly. I understand that SimpliSafe can only know what your Base Station reports. Once it checks in, they will see the issue on their end.


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Yes, this may be the issue.  The "check-in" or refresh probably doesn't happen very often to preserve battery life.  I was on the phone with support for a different issue for about an hour and had a battery out of a motion sensor and they couldn't (and my base or app) see the device error (no battery) during the whole call.

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