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Monday, August 2nd, 2021 2:18 PM

Garage Door Sensor Update

After six months of testing, I have added the same garage door sensor setup to my 2nd garage door.  One metal white hinge and a SS door sensor makes the perfect setup. Not wanting to rely on tape, made them both permanent with white screws into the metal garage doors. Both are set to secret alert for off and away and to alarm in home mode.  Thought about extending the delay in away mode so I could arm them in that mode, but finally decided against it.

Will wait for SS to come up with a software/ sensor solution to make arming in away mode possible. In the interim, works quite well for home mode and push alerts for the other modes.

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3 years ago

We have had a sensor on our garage door since we've had simplisafe.... way back to our original SS2!

I believer it's screwed in though (like you... not wanting to rely on tape).

it's worked fine except once in a while we get a notice that it's open when arming when in fact it's closed.  we just have to open then close it just like with other sensors that do the same thing!  :)
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