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Thursday, September 22nd, 2022 5:15 PM

SimpliSafe in India

Will I be able to use the simplisafe system in country of India, using smartphone app for notifications & without subscription?

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1 year ago

Hi @gopsccie ,

Unfortunately no, SimpliSafe is not able to provide support or services outside of the United States and United Kingdom. The SimpliSafe app is available only within the corresponding app stores in those regions, and our 2-factor authentication can only be sent to US and UK numbers.

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11 months ago

How about I install the app on my US cell phone but have the system installed in India at my home. I live in the US but want to install Simplisafe at my home in India. I will have the simplisafe system connected to wifi in India. Will push notifications work to my US cell phone from the system present in India connected over wifi? I do understand there will be no professional monitoring or subscription services available from Simplisafe.

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@janixcorp, assuming that you want to use the system with Basic App Control only, with no monitoring service, that setup could work for you. Push Notifications go through the app, which just communicates through the internet. So as long as your phone has an internet connection, it should be able to receive the notifications.

The two major hurdles that you might encounter would be:


1. The SimpliSafe app can only be downloaded in the US and UK app stores. But once it is downloaded, it will function just fine on your phone.


2. Multi-Factor Authentication during login can only be sent to US or UK phone numbers. You'll want to log into the app prior to departing, whenever you return to India. Your app should stay logged in for 30 days.

16 days ago

I just tried to download and login to simplisafe app out of  curiosity from India. I was able to download and get 2 factor authentication setup too.. Does it mean you have enabled in India.

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@aravindranganathan​ At this time, SimpliSafe only offers services in the United States and United Kingdom. If you have a VPN on your mobile device and a SIM card set to one of those two regions, that would explain why you could download the app and set up two-factor authentication. If we ever expand our services, we will be sure to let the Community know!

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