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Friday, October 15th, 2021 3:46 PM

Question - What exactly do the different settings for panic buttons do?

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1 year ago

Hey Worthing, Here you go:




Sound Alarm

The default. Will trigger an audible alarm on the Base and Wireless Siren, with the same sound as burglar alarms.

Just like a Burglar alarm, the Operator will call bothPrimary Contacts before your local police.


Triggers a different Fire Alarm sound, similar to when a Smoke Detector is triggered.

Operator will call only the first Primary Contact, before your local fire department.


Triggers a voice prompt from the Base Station: "Medical Alert triggered. Please press Off or enter your PIN to cancel Emergency Dispatch."

Operator will call only the firstPrimary Contact, before your local EMS.

Silent Alarm

The "Bank Panic" alarm option. Pressing willnot trigger any audible alarm.

Operator will not call Primary Contacts, only your local police immediately.

These are all what happens if there's Monitoring Service active. If you're unsubscribed, you'll get the audio, but none of the dispatch.

- Davey D.

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1 year ago

Perfect, thanks!
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