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Friday, January 28th, 2022 1:05 PM


Support GAP when buying thru reseller....SimpliSafe came thru, but very poor experience with resell (Sams)

I had an urgent need to ensure a second house was secure, protected and monitored.  My wife said that SimpliSafe was the best and easiest and many of the radio stations I listen to endorsed the product.  I looked on line and almost bought from the SimpliSafe website but I needed to install ASAP.  So, being a member of Sams, I saw a SimpliSafe system that met my needs and bought it.  The install was going well.  I had the outside camera frame attached to the house and the keypad on the wall.  I ran into a firmware upgrade issue with connecting the outdoor camera.  After several attempts and waiting for the update to complete, I called SimpliSafe for help.  I had a person helping me within 1 min of calling - really good.  The customer support person worked with me to get the outdoor camera connected but said the base station needed to be replaced.  This is where the GAP starts.  I found out that SimpliSafe can provide easy full replacement once an account is set up.  Because we couldn't get far enough along in getting the account set up, I had to take the base station back to Sams for replacement.  Sams would not replace just the base station because I bought it in a package.  that is a problem because I had already installed several pieces and only took the base station back to Sams.  I argued with Sams manager and asked to talk to his boss and was told his boss was on vacation and no one could help me and I couldn't talk to anyone else.  Being very frustrated, I called SimpliSafe and gave this summary.  They said they had to get approval to help me and after 20 min of waiting, SimpliSafe came thru and is replacing the base station.  This GAP almost changed my mind about using SimpliSafe and I will not move all by business to Costco from Sams.  Special recognition to Phillip on the SimpliSafe On Boarding team who took the time to actively listen to my story and turned a frustrated former customer into a SimpliSafe Advocate!

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2 years ago

Hi Larry, 

Thanks so much for your feedback. I see where we almost dropped the ball there, and I'll be forwarding this to our Support leadership. It's a good learning opportunity for our Support team on how we can streamline the experience - especially for those purchasing from our retail partners.

But of course, I'm super glad we were able to get your set up in the end!

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2 years ago

First, let me say that this all sounds very frustrating and what I'm about to say below isn't meant to take away from that.

Second, I don't think Sam's is really a "reseller" of SimpliSafe in the traditional sense of the word. At least in the IT space there's a big difference between an official and authorized reseller of your product and a chain that just happens to sell your product. In this instance I don't see how someone could fault SimpliSafe because Sam's has a return policy they disagree with. I doubt Sam's had to pass a rigorous testing and validation process to sell SimpliSafe products and Sam's isn't representing SimpliSafe.

@davey_d Any insight here? Do the vendors that sell your product go through any kind of training or assessment from your end to make sure they're allowed to sell SimpliSafe?

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