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Friday, September 24th, 2021 7:33 PM


Suggestion: The Siren on the base station needs a louder dB level

I have the volume for the siren on the Base Station at the highest level, but the Siren is still very faint if it goes off.  I do see this being any type of deterrent at all to anyone that might make entry into the home.  I haven't gotten a backup siren to see if it's any louder, but Simplisafe really needs to upgrade the dB level of the Sirens and they need to give us the ability to set the dB level in the App.

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2 years ago

Hi ck75253,

The latest-gen Base Station is set to 95dB, or as loud as a truck zooming past your house. The Wireless Siren is at 105dB, or as loud as a rock concert. It definitely shouldn't sound faint at all! And both have configurable volume settings (you'll find the Base Station volume in General Settings).

But are you talking about the main siren? You might be hearing the countdown chirps, which actually come from the Keypad. Those are definitely fairly quiet.

- Johnny M.
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1 year ago

I think the sirens should be a lot louder. (Think houses in the suburbs.) I want all my neighbors to hear it go off. 

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@adslcook​ 105dB up close is already loud enough to cause significant damage to hearing, which is why we stopped there. But thanks for the feedback!

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