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Saturday, November 11th, 2023 4:21 PM

Base Station update caused wifi disconnect? Here's my fix.

I noticed my doorbell pro and wired indoor were not working, everything else was fine.  I deleted the indoor cam and tried to reinstall.  Would not connect to wifi.  Same for doorbell cam.  Outdoor wireless cam worked fine. All done thru the app.  So....

After trouble shooting using the app, I looked at the keypad and noticed that it had installed an update on the base station on Nov 9.  So I looked at the wifi connection through the keypad and there was no wifi connection.   I reconnected  to the network thru the keypad, not the app, and was able to reinstall both down cams.  All is fine now.

Learn from my mistakes/efforts.

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8 months ago

That is strange as I just did the update last night and everything is still fine and nothing dropped. Of course I probably should not have said anything now lol.

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