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Thursday, March 21st, 2024 11:21 AM

Important Alert for SimpliSafe Users

It would have cost SimpliSafe far less to buy my system back.

This Sunday afternoon, we encountered an unexpected issue with our SimpliSafe Security System that I feel is crucial to share with our community.


A month ago, we decided to enhance the security of our alley, a hotspot for illegal dumping and other unwelcome activities, by installing two SimpliSafe cameras. These were meant to be our eyes when we couldn't be there in person.


However, an incident this weekend revealed a significant flaw in the system's design. As our neighbor innocently disposed of trash in the communal dumpster, our cameras dutifully recorded this activity. Moments later, a vehicle sped through the alley, presumably engaging in the very type of illegal activity we aimed to deter and document.


Upon reviewing the footage, it became clear that while the cameras were focused on our neighbor, they completely missed capturing the speeding vehicle. This oversight has led me to discover a design defect in the SimpliSafe system: **when engaged in recording, the cameras may miss simultaneous, potentially more critical events.**


This revelation is disappointing, as it significantly undermines the effectiveness and value of the SimpliSafe system for our intended use. Security systems are supposed to provide peace of mind by capturing all activities of interest, not selectively recording based on first-come, first-serve.


I wanted to share this experience to inform others who may be relying on SimpliSafe for similar surveillance needs. It's crucial for users to be aware of this limitation to assess if the system meets their security requirements fully.


We hope that by bringing this issue to light, SimpliSafe will address and rectify this design flaw, ensuring that their systems can truly offer the comprehensive security coverage that users expect and deserve.


Stay safe and informed, everyone.


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2 months ago

Hello @ed3cd66e, 

So despite the vehicle being in your cameras' field of view, they still did not record the car speeding through your alleyway? The Outdoor Camera should record until all motion has stopped, so this is certainly something we would want to look into. 

Since you mention an incident, I've escalated your case to our Specialist team for further assistance. A senior agent will call you soon to help, so please keep an ear out for their call.

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