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Monday, May 24th, 2021 3:02 AM

Simplisafe messed up my refund processing, is now refusing to issue the refund, phone support unhelpful

This is an uncharacteristically bad customer support experience I am having with Simplisafe, which is disappointing and surprising to me because I've always had a very good experience with Simplisafe products and customer support (and likewise for everyone I know with Simplisafe).

I am out $99 because Simplisafe is incorrectly processing my refund requests by continuously attempting to process them to my neighbor. I returned an inadvertently purchased camera within the return policy window for a $99 refund but never received this refund check in my mailbox... turns out Simplisafe sent it to my neighbor, which I did not realize until much later.

I have twice called Simplisafe for this refund check, and twice a replacement refund check has been quickly sent out by the first-level phone rep, but Simplisafe has sent them to the same incorrect address (my neighbor). I later verified with the resident of this incorrect address that they saw my checks, but by then they had tossed them or lost them.

I am still trying to receive my refund (for the 3rd time) and I am being told that due to the time involved, this is now no longer possible (per supervisor Taylor via phone), and that (per Taylor) "there are no options for further escalation". This is unacceptable, because my original refund request that Simplisafe agreed to was within the return window. Simplisafe has already attempted two check refunds, and these two attempted refunds have failed only due to an error on Simplisafe's end (where they sent checks to my neighbor). (I should note that the first-level rep today was much more understanding and helpful, but also more limited in what she could do).

The bottomline: I'm out $99 that Simplisafe has already tried to refund (twice), both times failed due to a Simplisafe error, and now Simplisafe is saying they will no longer attempt to refund.

Simplisafe also seems to be misunderstanding my problem... my order has two identical cameras. One was free as part of a special, the other one I paid $99 for. I misunderstood the special and had meant to only have the one free camera in my cart, so I sent a camera back for a refund, which Simplisafe understood and agreed to. Apparently this particular camera may have been the "free" one, which is silly... it was two identical cameras in the same box, there was no differentiation between the free one and the one I paid for. Every other phone rep before today was able to understand my issue and attempt to send out a replacement refund check (even if they were inadvertently being sent to the wrong address).

I don't want to make a big fuss, but I'm out $99, and I really just need the $99 refund for the camera I returned, like was originally agreed to (and twice attempted but failed by Simplisafe). Please contact me at either the phone # or e-mail address associated with this account if you can help......... thank you.

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2 years ago

Hi Tom,

We sincerely apologize for this experience, and want you to know that we've got one of our senior Specialists already on the case. We'll get this sorted for you ASAP!

- Johnny M.
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